ID Preserve Benefits

Account Activity Alerts

High-risk transactions normally take place outside of a credit report and can expose you to financial danger. They often occur anonymously, typically online or through call centers. TurnKey ID Solutions’account activity alerts provide visibility into your risk of information misuse, exposing actions that may mean someone is establishing a false identity using your personal information.

Identity Theft Risk Score

ID Preserve uses proprietary predictive analytics while searching hundreds of billions of records to provide a risk score for members.

Ongoing Monitoring

Our unique and proprietary methodology proactively searches thousands of financial and non-financial databases to detect the early stages of identity theft.

Victim Assistance

Should you become a victim of identity theft, our recovery specialists will help bring your identity back to a pre-theft status. By assuming and reorganizing the recovery process on your behalf, ID Preserve can save you time, money and the hassle.


ID Preserve offers $1,000,000 insurance protection coverage designed to reimburse you for the covered expenses incurred to reclaim your identity.​

Internet Privacy Scanning

We scan the Internet to find your exposed personal information, including phone numbers, birth dates, physical addresses, email addresses, and more. Then we help you remove that data from the websites that posted it online.

Lost Wallet Service

Losing your purse or wallet can be an upsetting experience, but ID Preserve’s lost wallet service can help make the situation less stressful.

Identity Restoration

Our unique Identity Restoration Service takes over the identity recovery process. We take all the appropriate steps in order to correct identity theft problems, which typically requires the assistance and expense of an attorney.

Child Protect & Internet Scanning

ID Preserve offers enhanced detection of whether a child’s Social Security number is being used and also actively scans the Internet to find exposed personal information.

Family Protection

Identity theft can put your family at risk. If your family’s personal information fell into the wrong hands, it could lead to falsified information in medical records, affecting your family’s ability to obtain proper medical attention and care.

Stop Credit Card Offers

Unsolicited credit card offers are an identity theft risk as thieves can take the materials out of your mailbox and open credit cards in your name without your knowledge. With ID Preserve, you can request to opt-out of receiving “firm offers” for five years or permanently.

Free Credit Reports Reminder Service

Direct-to-consumer credit reports are available so you can see what lenders, landlords and insurance companies look at prior to making a credit decision. This gives you the opportunity to identify any false information before applying for credit.

Quarterly eNewsletter

As an ID Preserve member, you get access to a quarterly electronic newsletter that provides helpful and timely information on all things identity theft related.